Photo Credit: Kirra Smith for Inside GC

Photo Credit: Kirra Smith for Inside GC


It all started when…

8 Artist’s went looking for something new - and stumbled upon an old mechanics that made for the perfect collaborative studio, with Prickles The Un-hugable Bear protecting us in the night.

Mint Art House is a collaborative studio between 8 Gold Coast Artist, each at various stages in their career, but all looking to support one another and bring arts to the wider community.

Mint is open to the public as a gallery from Friday-Sunday 9am - 6pm - art is available to be purchased, or all are welcome to sit and chat.

Available classes, workshops, and discussion groups are outlined here


Meet The Artist

Emily Rose Profile pic

Emily Rose

Emily is a multi-disciplinary artist who predominantly practises the art of wood burning,  also known as pyrography. When she is not playing with the pyropen, she enjoys working with graphite, charcoal and pastel pencil, as well as acrylic and watercolours. Emily's work is preoccupied with capturing character and representing the unique personality of her subject, whether it be faces of humans or nature.

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Danni Borody

Danni Borody is a self taught resin and mixed media artist, a dreamer and experimentalist who enjoys mixing different mediums and exploring the unknown to break through boundaries and comfort zones.  Her intuitive process is fuelled by endless inspiration from our enchanted earth. Deep rooted emotions are brought to light through colour to bring the viewer a sense of imagination and feeling into their inner child and their wildest dreams. Healing herself through fluid and authentic abstract expression, on a mission to heal others and spark beauty from ashes. 

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Nat Popovski

Nat is a self-taught artist from the Gold Coast who explores Australian narratives through interior spaces. She explore the beautiful and sombre (yet distinctly Australian) moments that exist within the mundane, and that are so strongly felt in moments of quiet contemplation in our own spaces. From the bathroom to the kitchen, to the local pub, these places play the silent backdrop to much of life’s ongoing - where we dissect, examine, label, and draw conclusions to our inner thoughts, troubles, and joys, leaving our distinct mark in each moment.

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Jillian Bradley Bio Pic

Jillian Bradley

Jillian Bradley was born in Newcastle in 1984. She has been based on the Gold Coast since 1989. Jillian studied painting and education at Southern Cross University in Lismore, Northern NSW and completed her Education (Secondary) at SCU in 1997. Since completing her studies, Jillian has raised her young family between teaching and painting. Now she dedicates her time between working as a teacher and pouring the rest of her energy into her paints. Jillian’s desire is to inspire her students and to create beautiful and versatile pieces of art for her clients’ homes.

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Dean Brockett

In house I am one of the 2 potters & by day I’m on the tools as a carpenter.. on the custom side of things. I’m very much in the experimental phase of my art, I like to bend the rules, learning through the experience and teachings to one day define my style of ceramics with the love of creations. I’m really enjoying our growth as a conscious community of artists and I’m truly excited for what we & the public achieve together!

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Studying at QCA after a lifetime ambition to study art. Works in oil paint, pastel, print and drawing., also soft sculpture.. I like to incorporate the domestic( gloves,sauce bottle tops,chux,kitchen cupboard doors) into “ high art” . Its feminist driven but funny... Also privileged to work in mental health and a lot of the exploration of identity and narrative informs  a lot of the work ...

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Cara Sanders

Cara Sanders aka Owlet is a self-taught Artist who grew up in the Kimberley and is now based on the Gold Coast. Best known for her gallery works and customised commissions. Cara is inspired by the world around her, she uses mixed media and impressionistic brushstrokes to describe aerial views of where the land meets the sea. Each artwork reveals a journey of coming home to ourselves. Cara’s style continues to develop through deforming and reinventing herself. She is constantly finding new ways to share her passion with people all over the world.

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Andrew Cullen

Andrew Cullen

Andrew Cullen is a Sculptor and Public Artist. He works predominantly in metals and wire variants. His first significant Public Art piece, ‘Dune Grass’, was exhibited in the Swell Sculpture Festival in 2010 and now resides in the Gold Coast Broadwater Parklands. He has been the recipient of the Sculptor’s Society Tony Palmer Award (2015), Swell Sculpture Festival ‘People’s Choice’ (2016) and overall winner last year (2018), in collaboration with Dion Parker. Most recently another large collaborative piece, ‘Red Ant’, was purchased by the Kingaroy Council for public display.